Deciding When to Marry – Finding the Right Person

Sometimes you wonder, how do you know you’re marrying the right person? Is there a right age of marrying? Where does one get married if you’re an inter-religious couple? Who knew popping the question could lead to more questions being asked. Suddenly you realize, love might not be the only thing you need.

Finding Mr. or Ms. Right

If you’re single, then you have the choice of finding the right person. It’s just a matter of when that happens. Your choice of a life partner should not be limited to a gender. If you love a person, then consider a future of being together. Here’s a simple checklist of what most people look for in a partner.

  • Health – You’d want a partner of a healthy body and a sound mind. You’re going to be the partner, not the nurse.
  • Comfortable finances – Ideally, you should have the opportunity to equally share expenses or compensate with one thing for the other.
  • Vices – or the lack of them. You don’t want a heavy drinker, smoker, gambler or any that could be a source of contention in the future. Some say you should accept a person for who they are. However, if someone wants to be in a relationship, then they’d try their best to get rid of vices before consenting to a relationship to someone such as yourself.

It’s a nifty list but you might need to do extensive background information check if you’re going to be that idealistic. Now if you’ve found someone or are currently with someone, then on to the next chapter.

Love, Needs and Sex

There’s a popular foreign movie quote that is a saying at the same time a thought-provoking statement or riddle. These two sentences can neatly summarize the never-ending questions about love, needs, and sex.

“Do you love me because you need me? Or do you need me because you love me?”

To ordinary people, they might think that these two questions are the same. But to someone who is genuinely trying to find the right person to marry, they will be able to answer the right question. If you want to know when to marry, then you should know the difference between the two questions.

Do You Love a Person Because you Need Him/Her?

The first question is all about conditional love. You love a person because of what they can give to you in a relationship. You’re not really looking for someone to love, rather you’re looking at other things such as money or affluence, position or power and all other worldly things that should not define the relationship. This questions or relationship implies that when the need is satisfied or gone, then you might stop loving the person.

Do You Need a Person because You Love Him/Her?

The second question is all about unconditional love. You want a person to stay in your life because you love them. There are no conditions to that love that will cause your feelings for the person to stop. If you got this question right, then you’re probably near to learning how to be ready for a marriage and to finally marrying the person you need in life.

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