Easy Tutorial on How to Set Up Google Assistant and Ways to Use It

The amazing reviews that the Google Assistant has been getting make consumers excited to have this innovative tool on their smartphones and other smart devices. Setting up the device and making good use of it is easy peasy for them. Unfortunately, for some, this process can be quite confusing and they might think they are not getting their money’s worth because they don’t know how to optimize the Assistant’s uses. And so, they ask “how to set up Google Assistant and use it effectively?”

For people who are not as techy as others, here’s an easy guide to using Google assistant and installing it on your device.

Google Assistant: Set Up and Usage Tutorial

There are so many things that the Google Assistant can help you with. Ask it questions and it will answer. Tell it to do things and it will. This is one reason why many find good use for it, especially when their hands are full.

But how do you get started with your Google Assistant?

The first thing you should know about the Google Assistant is that it comes with Google’s Pixel phone and smartphones running on Android 6 or 7. If your device does not have Google Play app, then you won’t have the Assistant, as well.

Now, to use it, here’s what you should do:

  1. Activate your Assistant by doing a long hold on the home button of your smartphone.
  2. You can also trigger the Assistant by saying “Ok, Google” plus your question. That is if your phone is not locked.
  3. Once the Assistant is activated, you can start a conversation with it and have it help you with whatever task you need.

And what tasks can it help you with? It can open your apps such as your emails simply with a voice command. It can also help you search for images on the web and places to go, as well as countless other things.

With Google Assistant’s promise to combine search and complete tasks, it is everyone’s go-to tool no matter what undertaking they have. And as it is more knowledgeable than Siri, everyone is dying to have it on their devices. So, why not learn about the Google Assistant command list and familiarize yourself with it before you go all out on this advanced virtual voice assistant?

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